I greet you my friend in the name of Jesus Christ. He is our All-Sufficient Savior and All-Mighty Omnipotent, All-Powerful, Omniscient, Omni-Present Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Hallelujah! Praised be His Name forever and ever!

His Name be praised, exalted, admired, adored, magnified, respected, honored, loved, cherished, celebrated and proclaimed everywhere now, always and forever and ever. Halleluja! Glory to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!

Jesus Christ: His Name is higher than any other name! He is the Only Way and the Only Hope for mankind. He is the conqueror, for He has conquered satan, death and all the powers of darkness. He is the Healer, the Deliverer, the Creator of all things! He is seated on the throne, having all power and authority in heaven and on earth! Hallelujah.